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LFA News

AMR Research Releases Second Annual Supply Chain Top 25
AMR Research released its second annual report, “The AMR Research Supply Chain Top 25 for 2005.” The report identifies the top 25 manufacturers and retailers that exhibit superior supply chain capabilities and performance. Supply chain leaders are able to shape demand, instantly respond to market changes, and crush their competitors. According to AMR Research benchmarking data, leaders carry 15% less inventory, are 60% faster-to-market, and complete 17% more perfect orders. These advantages separate predators from prey.

Business News

Great Chinese ambitions
The chief of service of the international communications of Far East road Igor Melnikov has informed on plans of the Chinese party.

The Kaliningrad sea fish port on a threshold of reconstruction
"For the expired two years it became obvious, that cargoes leave Kaliningrad, and Kaliningrad is in Lithuanian - Belarus tariff blockade."

Privatization of the Ukrainian berth
As chairman of board of directors of Open Society " Novorossisk sea trading port " Alexander Ponomarenko has informed, in the company have closely familiarized with the application which was made by minister of transport and communication of Ukraine Victor Bondar about forthcoming privatization of seaports of republic.

The shoaled channel of the transit river
In addition to it there has appered a whole complex of the questions, concerning treatments of the European legislation.

Belarus becomes more logistical
In Belarus the Concept of creation of system of the transport logistics centers is developed. According to the application of the chief of the Belarus railway Vladimir Zherelo, BZD has developed the given concept together with institute of transport in the first half-year of this year according to the Program of development of transit transportations of Belarus.