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LFA News

Progressive logistics technologies for Moscow
Logistics management took part in the representative logistics forum that was organized by the Moscow Government (Department of consumer market and services). The questions of development of the wholesale, warehouse estate and logistics services were discussed at the conference Problems and ways of implementing the progressive technologies of distribution and supply chain optimization in the wholesale in the Central house of entrepreneur.

Business News

The Russian international register of boats directly at the rate
"Last procedure which will allow carrying out registration of boats in the Russian international register of boats is in essence completed. In the near future also work on manufacturing forms of the documents necessary for carrying out of registration of boats will be completed, - director of department of a state policy in the field of sea and river transport Alexey Kljavin has declared yesterday, at meeting concerning application of Rules of registration of boats and the rights to them in sea trading ports.

Construction of the memory terminal near Novorossisk
The management of the North-Caucasian railway plans to erect the memory terminal with a goods turnover near 10 million t. in a year near Novorossisk, on a road fork to the leading ports of Novorossisk, Temryuk, Kavkaz and Zheleznyi Rog.

The price list is written to the berths
Rosmorport has chosen Open Company RMS-Otsenka for the development of a technique of an estimation of a rent for berths in port of Petersburg. This payment can grow in times.

Russia and Lithuania cannot divide the Belarus cargoes
Ministry of Transport prepares logistics for the scale Russian-Belarus project on export of potash fertilizers. Lithuania believes that the Belarus cargoes should be processed by the stevedores of Klaipeda.

Gema" is in a trance from Volvo
The dealers of marks Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar can lose up to $ 10 million. It is connected with the decision of a carrier of these cars in Russia - Gametrans - to suspend work with the companies in connection with not payment of services. Losses of manufacturers can make some hundreds of not sold machines.