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LFA News

Hot Logistics for the cold Supply Chians
Logistic Management, the exclusive representative of Logistics Field Audit Inc. in Russia and CIS, finished the logistics audit of the IP Morozproduct - the largest manufacturer in Belarus, the importer and the distributor of ice-cream and frozen food.

Business News

It has been directed to the corn to grow
There has appeared a new optimist between the people responsible for the agriculture. Russia will be able gather 80, or may be 90 million ton of grain-crops in three years such opinion is noted in the qualified forecast of social-economic development, which was presented to the government by the Minekomorazvitiya. But there are not a lot of people who is ready to agree with optimism of the authorities.

There are problems with logistics thinking at the Russian animal industries
Only the quarter of fresh meat on our counters is made in Russia. The rest - import.

Attraction of transit - due to "through" complex service
In the first half-year 2006 the volume of the foreign trade transportations between Russia and the Peoples Republic of China, carried out by forces of the railway transportation enterprises, has increased for 7,8 % (1,7 million tons) and has made 23,7 ,illion tons. Thus the share of the Russian export has made 94,2 %, relative density of import - 5,4 %, transit - 0,4 %.

"Talosto" has absorpted a combine
In the end of the last week the Petersburg manufacturer of the frozen products - Joint-Stock Company "Talosto" headed by Alexey Abrosimov, has finished the transaction on purchase of Podolsk frozen combine.

Strong alcohol crisis
Manufacture of strong alcohol in Russia in July was reduced to third. By estimation of National alcoholic association, failures in work of Uniform state information system manage to the state budget a minimum in $200 million a month: those is the volume of the half-received incomes of the alcoholic industry, and without taking into account tax revenues from wholesale trade in alcohol and the customs duties. By estimations of the experts, the provoked crisis of branch can strike at once on two priority directions in work of the government: inflations and demography.