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LFA News

LFA News

LFA Certified Provider as a new opportunity for 3PL business development
3PL provider DALK has been successfully certified by Logistics Filed Audit as it meets the international standards required by LFA Certified Provider.

LFA Due Diligence 3PL
LFA Due Diligence 3PL system of logistics providers appraisal (in terms of investment) adapted to Russian market. The appraisal system is based on traditional procedures of Due Diligence adjusted to Russian and CIS practices, methodology of Logistics Field Audit, LFA Certified Provider standards developed specially for Russian logistics providers in accordance with international standards.

Outsourcing as an effective tool of logistics optimization
Logistics Management, the exclusive representative of Logistics Field Audit Inc. in Russia and CIS, has recently completed the logistics audit of the Mir Detstva central distribution center within the warehouse outsourcing project.

LFA Supply Chain Risk Management
Logistic technologies of risk management are used to assess and minimize risks on the subject level (compared to financial tools), what allow to maximize effectiveness along the whole supply chain.

MIMS 2004 one more cause to talk about logistics and supply chains in automobile industry.
The activity of western car manufacturers on the Russian market and rising logistics costs of national car and spare parts manufacturers make it even more important to resolve imminent logistic problems. Application of modern logistic technologies of supply chains management in the car industry (from manufacturing and sales to repairs and maintenance) enables the cost reduction, increasing the effectiveness of the process and customer care. This will in its turn extend the market-share.

Logistics in pharmacy: supply chains management in pharmaceutical industry according to GxP standard
One of the major trends in worlds pharmaceutical industry is legislative introduction of modern quality standards of drugs production and distribution. The market reality is that the survivors on the pharmaceutical market are those who follow these international quality standards.

Russian software market review for car service management
The research was conducted within the LFA AutoDealer Quick Scan Project for one of the Russian auto company. The aim was to consider the ways to modernize existing information system. It prevented the company from managing the stock of spare parts, managing supply orders based on sales records, forming analytical reports on assortment traffic etc. everything connected with spare parts logistics.

Andrey Khlous Distributors Should Effectively Use Warehouse Space
Logistics development in Russia has its own national flavor. Modern shopping complexes and old unheated hangars are used side by side? As are bumpy roads and professionally managed supply chains. Contradictions are unavoidable too little time has passed since the term logistics entered the vocabulary of our compatriots. General Director of Logistics Management company Andrey Khlous told us about the prospects for the logistics market in Russia, its special features and problems.

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LFA News

New version of LFA web-site
The company Logistics Management" the authorized representative of American company Logistics Field Audit, Inc. for Russia, CIS and Baltic states announces an output of the new version of corporate web-site.

Business News

Ekaterinburg will be surrounded with the logistical centers
At present in Ekaterinburg 560 objects of warehouse function, from them 318 warehouses work with articles of food and 214 with not food.

Group " GAS ", Magna and RM Systems have signed a number of agreements on creation of the joint venture
Group " GAS ", Magna and RM Systems yesterday, on May, 23rd, have signed a number of agreements on creation of joint ventures. About it it is spoken in the message of group " GAS ".

"Armadillo" leaves in virtuality
The group of companies Armadillo (forwarding agent) commissions the new service allowing clients to operate by process of delivery cargoes in an interactive mode.

Make itself
In Rostov-on-Don the boom of opening of building hypermarkets is observed

The fish bypasses refsectsii
the Sakhalin railway reduces volumes of loading fish products