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LFA News

Hot summer 2005
European Logistics Field Audit bureau highly appreciated the results of work of its Russian representative «Logistics management» in the 2-nd quarter 2005, both in the volume and quality of the conducted projects and in the way it implemented the newest logistics technologies

Warehouse Management
There is no rest in the warehouse market: developers erect complexes and then leave them to the mercy of the market. The main players are direct lessees, who need storage space, and logistics providers, who are using leased premises to build up their business and avoid tying up funds in construction work. Management companies, which have already made their mark in different segments of the real estate market, have fallen out of the ‘owner-lessee’ chain, since warehouses, as before, are being serviced by the owners themselves, and outsourcing is not even considered.

Andrey Khlous «Distributors Should Effectively Use Warehouse Space»
Logistics development in Russia has its own national flavor. Modern shopping complexes and old unheated hangars are used side by side? As are bumpy roads and professionally managed supply chains. Contradictions are unavoidable – too little time has passed since the term logistics entered the vocabulary of our compatriots. General Director of “Logistics Management” company Andrey Khlous told us about the prospects for the logistics market in Russia, its special features and problems.

Male logistics versus female logic
“Logistic Management”, the exclusive representative of Logistics Field Audit Inc. in Russia and CIS, finished the logistics audit of the perfume & cosmetics supermarkets network “Arbat Prestige”.

More events…
This year is reach on the logistics and supply chain management events. Only in February-March the specialists of the company “Logistics Management” and experts of the company Logistics Field Audit, Inc. has taken a part in such important events as MILF, open seminar «SCOR model overview», conferences «Distribution and logistics in Russia», «Warehouse real estate in Russia», forum «BusinessLog»

Logistics audit helps to form business strategy
The “Logistics Management”, an exclusive representative of Logistics Field Audit Inc. in Russia and CIS, has finished the logistics audit of the “Farvater” - a large distributor, Kazakhstan

SCOR model comes to Russia
The two-days negotiations between Director of European Supply-Chain Council Bureau and Russian Supply Chain Soviet has been successfully accomplished

Logistics audit of the Bistroff company
The “Logistics Management”, an exclusive representative of the Logistics Field Audit Inc. in Russia and CIS, has just finished logistics audit of the Bistroff company.

Supply Chain Soviet expands the international cooperation
In the head office of the Supply Chain Soviet in Moscow the meeting among members of the Soviet presidium and the representative of “Fraungofer – Gezelshaft” took place. The first party was faced by A.G. Nekrasov and A.M. Khlous, the second - by Frank-Detlif Wende.

The city delivery system design
The “Logistics Management”, an exclusive representative of Logistics Field Audit Inc. in Russia and CIS, has presented the final project of city delivery system for “Shatura- furniture” name retailers.

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LFA News

Debut of Andrey Khlus or again about the WMS glossary
Andrey Khlus promised the organizers of forum of WMS the participation in a role of moderator of section «Dictionary on logistic».

Business News

"UIT Lentec" and EVLI EPI will build logistics center
Company "UIT Lentec" and commercial real estate fund of bank EVLI EPI have signated agreement about building office and logistics center

RZD puts into operatoin of electronic data interchange with companies-owners of mobile trains
Now owners of mobile trains can get the documents online

In Nizhniy will start to smell "Arbat Prestige"
One of the largest federal perfumery-cosmetic networks - " Arbat Prestige " starts to develop a network in Nizhni Novgorod.

One hundred "Copeyka"
the Trading network "Copeyka" plans to increase twice number of shops in the Nizhniy Novgorod area by the end of year.

Starbucks is closer now
the First coffee house will appear in "Mega-Khimky"