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LFA News

Logistics management promotes LFA technology to Siberia
The specialized exhibition on transport and logistics services, new technologies, warehouse equipment and trucks Logistics in Siberia 2005 took place in Novosibirsk on 19-21 October.

Business News

The ports initiate creation of terminals
The management of the Vladivostok sea trading port has addressed to authorities of Primorye Territory with the offer of realization of the regional project "The logistics complex the Southern seaside terminal with the status of the Seaside transport unit providing creation of modern transport-logistics system on the basis of a network of inter modal transport-logistics terminals.

Transmashkholding is interested in Ukraine
The leading player in the market of transport mechanical engineering - group Transmashkholding - looks narrowly at actives in Ukraine. The Russian company plans to buy one of car-repair factories. In the market are assured, that it is a question of the Kharkov car-building factory. Transmashkholding thus expects to get access on the Ukrainian market of railway techniques which capacity reaches 2 billion dollars.

The centralized logistics raises profit of a network on 1-2 %
Construction of distribution centers for retail networks partly compelled, but, nevertheless, financial favorable decision. How transition on distribution centers affects profitableness of the company, financial director of Pyaterochka Holding Vitaly Podolsky has told.

SUN Interbrew will spend 20 billion rubles
Despite of delay of rates of the beer market growth, its participants continue to declare investments into expansion of the capacities. So, for example, company SUN Interbrew has informed on intention in 2006-2008 to direct 20 billion rbl. on development of Russian business.

On short logistics rein
The main obstacle in a way of expansion of federal networks in regions had appeared not so much local retailers, how many greater distances and absence in a province of a logistical infrastructure. Therefore, in opinion of experts, the main task of the largest networks the nearest years - creation of effective system of deliveries in regional shops. In opinion of experts, rather federal operators become only those from them who the first will create a network of distribution centers in key regions.