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Logistics Management

Logistics Management

The specialists of «Logistics Management» closely monitor the latest international developments in the area of logistics and introduce advanced technologies to the Russian market. In 2003, «Logistic Management» received its license to provide services for Logistics Field Audit™ methodology in Russia and the CIS

2006 The geography of projects expanded: logistics and SCM consultation projects were realized in Byelorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Moscow office was announced as the Leading LFA Office in LFA Europe division.

2005  New clients: Сибирская аграрная группа, retailer Арбат Престиж, USN Computers, the biggest in Russia catalog company Мир книги, United Confectionary (Красный Октябрь, Бабаевский, Рот-Фронт), SUN Interbrew, WHI and others. New projects: WMS implementation (EXceed 4000), simulation modelling for logistics nad SCM.

2004 The time of active promotions of the LFA technologies. LFA Quick Scan, LFA Warehouse Perfect, LFA Certified Porvider are among the most popular. The «Logistics management» is recognized as the most qualified consultancy on the issues of the Supply Chain Management. The leading Russian and international companies have become the customers of tge LFA, such as Procter&Gamble, Shatura, Regent, Wild, Novartis, Mir Detstva, Bistrov and others.

2003 Translation and adaptation of the materials, training and educating the staff, launching Logistics Field AuditTM in Russia. The first project in the framework of the LFA - «Lebedyanskiy» plant: logistics audit and consultation on the issue of organizing the internal warehouses of raw materials, implementation of the automized warehouse management system.

2002 Organization and implementation of 4PL logistics scheme for Confectionery Union Sladko. The Fourth Party Logistics scheme (4PL – trademark registered by Andersen Consulting) implies outsourcing not only of the logistics function, but also its management: 4PL manages 3PL. Introduction of 4PL parties in Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Kazan helped to cut direct logistics costs 10 %.

2001 Outsourcing of internal logistics for Unilever CIS. The experts developed and introduced a new logistics scheme for the Moscow Margarine Plant with participation of 3PL company, managing warehouses with supplies and packaging, planning supplies and packaging deliveries, controlling shipments of ready goods and all material handling work. The solution is aimed to plan and control supplies, packaging, and finished goods.

2000 Development of the project for Start-up Business Services in Samara (tender for Nestle Foods). The project, developed by Logistic Management team, helped SBS to win the Nestle tender. The distribution center began operations in May 2003.

1999 Research, organization, and launch of warehouse for the confectionery plant Russia (SBS as an operator). The shuttle plant – warehouse – plant was also introduced.

1998 The locating and launching of a co-packing facility, Narofiminsky Khladokombinat, for Unilever CIS. Logistics services were provided for the planning and control of supplies, materials and finished goods (ice cream).

1997 Consultations on logistics support of ice-cream sales for Nestle Foods. Development of logistics procedures, document flow, and the regional development of an ice cream project.

1996 Advising Pepsi International Bottlers on the development of its regional network (Astrakhan, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Samara) and on logistics support of sales (stocks, transportation).

1995 Consulting Mars on the logistics and servicing of trade equipment (ice-cream freezers).

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LFA News

The International conference " the Warehouse real estate of Russia " last days spring took place
Chairman of the international conference was Andrey Hlus, operating partner Logistics Field Audit, Inc.

Business News

RZD technologies are necessary to the Europe
RZD will accept active participation in realization of infrastructural projects in the Europe.

The Ulyanovsk area is measured to create transport-logistical klaster
the Ulyanovsk area for 5 years plans to realize the project " the Volga transit ", assuming creation transport-logistical klaster

Deutsche Bank and AIG will buy three logistical parks
Deutsche Bank and American International Group (AIG) can become co-owners of three logistical parks in Moscow suburbs.

The fund will borrow in hotels and warehouses
Andrey Yakunin, the son of the president of Open Society "RZD" Vladimir Yakunin, has founded fund for investments into the commercial real estate of Petersburg.

Milk without the competitor
"Vimm-Bill-Dann" has redeemed a share "Unimilk" in Obninsk milk plant