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Logistics Field Audit™ technology

Logistics Field Audit™ technology

Logistics Field Audit™ — is a comprehensive study and analysis of a client's existing logistics system, its productivity, applied technologies, and results achieved. The data collected during the research is compared with best-in-class indicators and potential for improvement is defined, included ways to increase capitalization and uncover hidden value. The economic justification of introducing changes is presented to the client.

 Introduction of logistics auditors into the logistics operations management
The recent AMR Research notes that «users are no longer looking for consultants to come in and take over; they now want consultants to act as experienced trainers and advisors to in-house staff, who will then be able to apply this knowledge when the consultants leave» (AMR Research Report «Supply Chain Consulting: Users want Tactical Project Expertise and Outsourcing», May 2003).

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The results of Logistics Field Audit includes an objective benchmark of a client's current logistics system performance compared to best in class targets, plus a detailed plan on how to optimize the current system.

A detailed plan on how to optimize the current system is then provided, together with data necessary for a financially justified decision to introduce improvements to the logistics system, including increasing the level of automatization.

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LFA News

The International conference " the Warehouse real estate of Russia " last days spring took place
Chairman of the international conference was Andrey Hlus, operating partner Logistics Field Audit, Inc.

Business News

RZD technologies are necessary to the Europe
RZD will accept active participation in realization of infrastructural projects in the Europe.

The Ulyanovsk area is measured to create transport-logistical klaster
the Ulyanovsk area for 5 years plans to realize the project " the Volga transit ", assuming creation transport-logistical klaster

Deutsche Bank and AIG will buy three logistical parks
Deutsche Bank and American International Group (AIG) can become co-owners of three logistical parks in Moscow suburbs.

The fund will borrow in hotels and warehouses
Andrey Yakunin, the son of the president of Open Society "RZD" Vladimir Yakunin, has founded fund for investments into the commercial real estate of Petersburg.

Milk without the competitor
"Vimm-Bill-Dann" has redeemed a share "Unimilk" in Obninsk milk plant